Frequently Asked Questions
What is Clix4BTC

Clix4BTC is a Bitcoin Pay to Click(PTC) website for members to earn bitcoins by surfing ads placed by our advertisers.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first secure digital currency.

A Bitcoin address

A Bitcoin address, or simply address, is an identifier of 26-35 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3, that represents a possible destination for a Bitcoin payment. 

What is a Bitcoin Symbol (mBTC and BTC)

Just like the Dollar symbol $, the bitcoin symbol is BTC. Another way to denote bitcoin is mBTC which is a milibitcoin. The default bitcoin symbol on Clix4BTC is mBTC.

1mBTC = 0.001BTC

This is derived by dividing 1/1000 BTC.

How does Clix4BTC work

Its easy, login or register.

Surf the ads by clicking on the ads displayed, wait for timer to finish countdown.

Click on the required image and voila! Your main balance will be loaded with bitcoin.

What is a referral

Referrals are users registed on Clix4BTC. They can be direct referrals, the ones who registered on your downline using your affiliate link, or they can be rented referrals (RR), the users who registered without an upline. RR can be rented for 30 days and extended.

How many referrals can I have

You can have unlimited number of direct referrals.

What kind of referrals are rented or purchased

We will sell and rent you referrals who have clicked at least 50 ads in the last 5 days.

How much do I need to earn before I can withdraw

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.2mBTC (0.0002BTC). We charge a fee of 0% for all withdrawals.

How long does it take to receive my bitcoins

Please allow up to 7 days to receive your bitcoins. We will manually process all payments and do our best in processing earlier.

Can I have multiple accounts

No, this will result in termination of all acounts and loss of funds.

Can I transfer purchase balance back to account balance or withdraw it

No, once deposited into purchase balance it cannot be transfered back.

What is "Account Balance"

Your account balance holds your earnings that you can withdraw. 

What is "Purchase Balance"

Your purchase balance holds the funds that you have deposited and can be used to purchase all services we offer.

How can I deposit to purchase balance

Go to "account", look for the "add funds" button and click on it.

Type in the amount you want to deposite, remember the website is in mBTC. 1mBTC = 0.001BTC.

Select payment method and click "Send" to receive a bitcoin deposite address.

Send the exact expected amount and wait for 2 network confirmation for deposit to appear in your account.

PTC Credit allocation

Due to the constant change in bitcoin price, unallocated credits get reduced at the end of the day based on the percentage change in price. We update all prices once a day. if the percentage change in price was 10%, 10% of your ptc credits will be deducted. Therefore, we advice you allocated all ptc credits after purchase.

Bonus Ads

An explanation how to work with our bonus-ads

Those ads works little bit differently than other ads. To be credited please follow steps:

1. Click an advertisement.

2. In new window you will see this or something very similar. Confirm their captcha.

3. Wait for timer

4. When timer reach 0 click "Get Link" or "Skip Ad".

You must pass whole process to be credited. It takes only 10-15 seconds per ad.
Earnings over bonus ads are counted as dollar earnings.

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